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What is Promotion

2019-03-17 English
What is Promotion

From the far away in history, there were men that engaged in buy and sell tools on the road. such as peddler badgers. they have  Blaring his inventories and prices and try to Attracting others’ attention. this is the root of Promotion. Promotion in this era is attracting and making the market and product HOT .

but this is not advertisement exactly. although maybe in some acts and situation be Like together. When we try to inform people about our product or new programs, when we try to show our brand within the city, or when we try to find our interested customers , we are trying to advertising. such as billboards and journals, such as giving Gifts to customers and such as websites banners. 

But if try to cheering people to buying a special thing in the shop, or pulling them to buy more from a selected product, then we Promote our product. In promotion, we don’t have decided to introduce products but try to sell in more product to our customers base.

Thinking about necessities for running an efficient and successful Promotion: Having Goal, determining Tactic and making it by Creativity.

in FMCG field, is many of creative acts and promotions that is unique in the world. but Creativity is not the First important thing to make an efficient promotion. there are TWO other things: first: Goal, Second is Marketing Tactic.

Goal determines that we need to which effect and result. A Powerful Leader Brand in FMCG wants to keep distance between him and next level brands. it is easy and right to target in start “Buy two,Get three” program to gain and keep the share of the market. But for an “under middle Grad Brand”, this is not an appropriate action. because it needs to become more familiar to customers. so this brand must be trying to introducing herself by Sampling and gives the consumers the experience of the product’s quality.

So how bout Marketing tactic? when you decide to Promote your product for what (goal), then you need to think about pull or push tactics. I mean we need to analyze which tactic is more appropriate to your goal and customers.

A local promotion in the local shop is Push marketing tactic because it is an attempt to Drag the customers towards the deal. in the other aspect, if we run a competitive Instagram campaign, in fact, we try to give A Clue to Guide peoples to our brand Score and prize. in Pull marketing tactic, we act like this for making Attraction and curiosity to the customers. such as making participating in discount sites.

So, have a good Promotion for your product!

  • کتلین ، بازاریابی دیجیتالی B2B 22:18 2019-03-21 Reply

    وقت بخیر
    سوالاتی دارم خدمت شما و اولینش اینه که آیا لیست ایمیل بیزینس ها و ایمیل مارکتینگ هم پروموشن به حساب میاد؟ و یا تبلیغات و بازاریابی؟
    دوم اینکه سایت ها و دیتابیس هایی مثل Yellow Pages scrapers که شبیه کتاب اول خودمون هستند، مکانی برای پروموشن هستند؟

    • مختار راد 16:57 2019-03-23 Reply

      با سلام. ممنونم که این مطلب رو مطالعه فرمودید.

      اولا در مورد ایمیل مارکتینگ باید بگم که بسته به اینکه چه هدفی دارید، اسم فعالیتتون رو میتونید پروموشن یا تبلیغات بگذارید. و در هر دو صورت به هر حال شما دارید بازاریابی انجام میدهید. در واقع پروموشن، تبلیغات ، دایرکت مارکتینگ، بازاریابی تلفنی و … همه روش هایی از مارکتینگ هستند. (بیایید بازاریابی رو تلاش برای یافتن بازار هدف و پروموشن رو ترغیب و رونق دهی بازار هدف معنی کنیم)

      اما در مورد سوال دوم: Yellow Page ها جایی برای اطلاع رسانی و ارتباط با جستجو گران و به نوعی تبلیغات هستند و فکر نمی کنم درست باشه پروموشن نامیده بشوند.

      البته برای اینکه در نامگذاری سردرگم نشوید؛ پیشنهاد میکنم مطلبی که در فارسی برای پروموشن نوشتم رو هم مطالعه کنید:

      پروموشن چیست؟ چرا نمی گوییم بازاریابی یا تبلیغ؟

      به احتمال زیاد بتونه براتون شفاف تر باشه.

  • Bratt 21:06 2019-06-10 Reply

    but I don’t understand where we must use promotion instead of advertisement?

    • مختار راد 15:43 2019-06-12 Reply

      you must consider at your customers.
      when you have some customer that need to motivate them to buy more or buy again, you are going to Promote your product.
      when many customers are ready but you need to note them that we are here, you are going to advertisement.

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